Cleaning up after a Flood

Floods do extensive damage to property as the water could be flowing at high speeds. The destructive nature of water is also unlike any other as it gets soaked into anything that can absorb it, and pushes everything else around. It might not be easy to start on the clean up in good time as water is hazardous.

It could be carrying waste from many different areas and coming into contact with it could cause disease. It can also wash you away, thereby killing you.  Water damage emergency at home is traumatizing and should be handled with utmost precaution. If it is an exercise that you cannot handle on your own, it is best you call in help from a water damage professional to assist you to like the more the water sits, the more damage it will do.

After the flood has ended and water has settled, the first thing you should do is unplug all electrical appliances and turn off the main switch to the house. Water and electricity do not mix, and this will prevent cases of electrocution. Everyone that gets into direct contact with the water has to have protective gear to protect them from microbes in the water.

You should then move out anything that is on the floor. Move the carpet, clothes lying on the floor and anything else that absorbed water should be moved outside to dry and get disinfected before they can be brought back into the house. You should then get buckets, jugs, containers and anything else that can help you push out the water since it is causing more damage as it sits there.

Once all the water has been pushed out, you should get mops and towels to dry completely off the whole area. Open all windows for free air flow and it will also help in drying the house. Proceed to disinfect the whole house with a good disinfectant to rid the house of bacteria that could have come in with the water. Failure to do this could cause mold.

You should also get the right chemicals to ensure that you kill off all the mold that may be sprouting all over the place. Furniture that sat in the flood water should also be disinfected and treated for molds. Damaged items should also be treated and properly disposed to prevent them from breeding harmful microbes to anyone that might come into contact with them. Cleaning up after a flood can be an unsettling task, but it is important that you do it the right way for the sake of your health.

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